Durable Dog Beds

Durable dog beds for inside or outside usually cost a little more but will outlast and of the low priced models. Look for heavy duty support on frames and strong close stitched coverings for the most wear resistant models.

Wear and tear on a dog bed is constant. Your dog brings everything from dirt and grime to his favorite bone to chew on to their bed. And the size and weight of your dog can have a big impact too. The bigger breeds will cause more stress to the frame and coverings.Веst Dоg Веd

If you are looking for an outdoor durable dog beds, special attention to materials and placement are important. Always try and place the dog bed in a shading area out of the Sun, The direct sunlight and moisture will rot almost any material, especial any organic cloth or frame elements. The constant heating and cooling, plus the moisture are destructive elements that can shorten the lifespan of any dog bed.

Durable dog beds materials should be able to resist both wear and tear and exposure to the elements. Wood frames look good but will deteriorate quickly. Plastic is better but still susceptible to sunlight and UV rays, One of the strongest frame materials would be lightweight, resistant to UV, and made of metal not susceptible to rust. Aluminum or stainless steel would be good and both have superior strength against constant stress.


Speaking of durable dog beds, make sure the bed you choose can also hold up to your dog’s considerable chewing powers. The design of the dog bed shouldn’t have irresistible parts for chewing and materials should be strong enough to stand up to any attempts. No hanging items, knobs, or items that look good to eat. There are models available to resist chewing dog bed if your dog is known for that type of problem.

Best Durable Dog Beds: There are some durable dog beds that fit all the criteria from above and have a very reasonable price, Coolaroo makes an elevated bed model that comes in all sizes and is a very durable dog bed, Prices run from around $25 to $49, depending on size. One thing to remember is to make sure the dog bed you choose is big enough for your dog. In fact we always buy a bigger size since we have several dogs (and cats) that like to share, So make sure you get a big enough dog bed and if space is not limited, get one even a little bigger than your dog, The price difference is usually nominal.

Here’s a photo of the Coolaroo dog bed model we like:


Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed

  • Collapsible elevated indoor/outdoor dog bed provides outstanding comfort and durability.
  • Cot-styled bed folds conveniently in half for quick and simple storage or even travel.
  • Made from fade, moisture, and odor-resistant fabric with durable lightweight steel frame
  • Easy to clean; just spray it with a hose and wipe it down.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty against UV degradation.

There are replacement pads you can buy too. And in the winter you can throw a nice warm blanket or fleece material on top of the pad for extra warmth. In the summer this durable dog bed provides good air flow all around to help keep your dog cool.

These durable dog beds hold a lot of weight and are both study and easy to carry. You can take them with you or move them around the house or yard easily. We have a Border Collie and a Yorkie/Pomeranian mix and they both get on the dog bed together.

Most of the orthopedic dog beds are durable so if your dog need orthopedic care for bone, muscle and joint conditions you can consider this category dog bed.

The design is simple and the functionality is complete. Excellent materials, weather resistant for outdoor use, cleans easily, and travels well. Plus there’s no where for fleas, ticks, or other common pests to hide and breed. They did a great job on design and came up with the perfect durable dog beds for an

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